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What are Jifu Tile, Soften Tile, Satin Glaze, Granular Surface, and Mould Tile? II
2023-06-16 15:33:34

What are Jifu Tile, Soften Tile, Satin Glaze, Granular Surface, and Mould Tile? II

Dry granules appeared in domestic ceramic companies around 2012. Dry granule surface refers to the application of dry granule to the tile, which can produce realistic effects. For example, when applied to the wooden tile, there will be a local glittering effect, just like the water mark left after sweeping the floor. The application of the three-dimensional pattern produces not only the stereopsis and bumpy texture seen by the naked eye but also the smooth effect felt by the hand. Candy glaze Tile uses candy-dry granules to form a high-surface-tension glaze layer on the surface of the tile, thus producing a dazzling effect. Candy dry granules are just one of many dry granule products.

The use of dry granules greatly enhanced the texture of the brick surface. Anti-skid dry particles present a rough texture on the surface of the brick with wear resistance and anti-skid functions; coarse dry particles have a low-key and simple texture; and smooth dry particles are soft and delicate. Transparent dry granules combined with glazing technology can achieve a better glazing effect.

Soft glaze Tile

Low-Light Effect

Soft Glaze Tile has gained high acceptance in the market in the past two years due to its low-light (20–50 degree) texture, coupled with its "blessing" in plain colour, mauve, etc. In some corporate advertising, the velvet glaze tiles mentioned above are also included in the soft glaze tiles. For consumers who prefer soft light, they can try soft glaze tile.

Soft glaze tiles have low brightness, which can effectively prevent light pollution, tile reflection, and other problems. Low brightness can reduce the visual fatigue caused by high brightness, but at the same time, it can still reflect the light slightly in a bright area. Now some big brands and high-quality soft glaze tiles can be used; the surface is firm and wear-resistant, not easy to scratch, and the texture is stronger. The level is more three-dimensional, and the colour is more abundant. After the younger generation joins the real estate market, the market acceptance of soft glaze tiles is increasing.

Matte Tile

Anti-slip and Wear-resistant

Matte tiles with anti-slip and wear-resistant characteristics have become widely accepted in recent years.

Matte tiles are a kind of tile with a lower gloss than glossy tiles, which means they are not bright, the surface is not as smooth as the bright surface, and they look less bright and clean. Matte tiles are generally used in kitchens, balconies, etc. Matte tiles are mostly glazed tiles, such as glazed antique tiles, with rich colours and shapes, complete specifications, soft light refraction, warmth and comfort, no light pollution, and good skid resistance. However, if used in poorly lit places, the overall space will be gloomy and the poor light effect will be exacerbated, so matte tiles are mostly used on balconies or outdoors with excellent lighting. In addition, matte tiles are also scratch-resistant and have no obvious reflective effect. Scratches are not obvious either. For families with the elderly, matte tiles have become the choice of some families due to their non-reflective and skid-resistant functions.

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